I Am A Martian

Making people happy makes me happy.
I live inside a lava lamp, seeing the vivid visions of a Kaleidoscope.
I just do me so enjoy



1. I’m in a really talkative mood. but i don’t want to just talk, i want to discuss actual meaningful things to me.
2. “lifes a beach, and i’m surfin blunted”
3. I don’t know why i have such an interest in vocabulary, i just enjoy words that sound bizarre and have a meaning i’ve never heard in another word.
4. my favorite word/term is “inshallah” its arabic. If other people understood what it meant i would be saying it all the time lol
5. “mountain tops couldn’t see my views.”
6. I’m sick of downloading my favorite artist music, i love the feeling when you support a musician, i’m gonna go buy the next few CDS i’m waiting for
7. this weekend will be life changing. i’m really excited.
8. Kid Cudi-That girl. no matter what genre of music you listen to, you should love that song.
9. vamos a fumar 
10. i’m so ready to wake n bake on the beach with people i love this weekend.
11. When i worked on my señior scrapbook, i realize so much about myself. 
12. I officially know what ‘my type’ of girl is.
13. at prom i’m going to dance to every genre wild. even the lovey dovey slow songs, i will treat like dub step and go crazy
14. i don’t like people & i don’t want to give a fake smile & i don’t want any false handshakes full of bullshit. i don’t want any hugs from anybody who sold their soul for the money & emptiness. i just want the people i’m happy with and comfortable with around me
15.  Kush & Patron~